Main areas

The company specializes in providing services to insurance companies and their clients under the following programs:

Provides a damage compensation services

Organization of medical care abroad

Organization of medical care in Russia

Settlement of compensation under the 4th directive and the green Card

Organization of medical transportation and repatriation

Our database, which includes a system of registration and administration of insurance cases, was developed based on an analysis of the department of payments of insurance companies work needs, as well as with the optimization of the work of the service company.
  • Opportunities to create a personal account for insurance companies
  • Formation of various types of reporting, in order to facilitate the control of expenses and RBNS control of reserves
  • Creating an application for the convenience of the client during the request for help, as well as the support of an insured event (under development)
  • Integration of the system with medical institutions for operational document management and obtaining the necessary information for settlement (under development)